EOS Worldwide

EOS Worldwide has been a long time client of The Loft, and everyone here has grown really close to their entire family.  EOS stands for “Entrepreneurial Operating System”, and they are at the forefront of today’s business coaching world.  In our latest iteration of the site (freshly launched in early 2014), we helped them:
  • Create a website with lead generation forms and calls-to-action, strategically placed on every page for highest engagement
  • Develop a custom lesson system for EOS members to participate in lessons online and track their progress
  • Set up an intuitive, secure, and accesible online shop to sell EOS books and materials
We also have helped EOS put out massive press releases (written by The Loft), and managed their social growth.  They are a stunning example of what is possible when a company integrates all of The Loft’s web services into their organization. Click here to visit EOS’s live site