LOFTOPIA: Utopia can be from the LOFT, Any Beach, Anywhere.

  • Intentionally small, cloud based company that focus’ on distribution of select, high end brands.  
  • Bring your product to market in North America!  Bring it to stores across our nation.
  • You need to sell direct online.
  • You need to sell to Amazon or sell through Amazon.

Focus: US Product distribution of our own brands or helping others come to the US with their innovative brand / products.  Automate the process so we’re all doing what what’s in our unique ability and strength while growing sales. Have fun, make money, freedom to manage it from any beach, anywhere.

We manage all the steps to make your brand successful though simple forms of management and execution.  It’s a cooperative effort.

What does LOFTOPIA manage:

  • Site buildout for ecommerce
  • Reliable customer Service.  Phones, email, live chat.
  • 3PL Warehousing / fulfillment centrally located 3PL.  
  • Social outreach.
  • Distribution to small stores.  
  • Big Box Stores
  • Amazon A+ Pages
  • Sales Tax
  • B2B management, selling to dealers.
  • Direct to Consumer model
  • Manage reps
  • Trade shows / Expos

The US is huge.  
It’s a lot to take on, but being huge, is also an upside, you just have to be smart when playing it.

What’s your INTENT?

Sit down, take a look at what you think you want it all to look like.  Present it to us and we’ll be real honest about the feasibility or what we see would work from our experience.

It’s about building a brand, selling product, creating relationships, servicing your customers and end users.  With technology today, you don’t need to be here, but having a helping hand and advocate with experience helps a lot saving you time and money.


I – Incubate… what do we want this brand to be?

N – Notice… the marketplace, signs from Universe

T – Trust… in the process, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

– Express…. your intent, write, state, own it

N – Nurture… nurture the brand, relationships (security and purpose)

T – Take Action… take steps, own the journey… set micro intents, realistic goals

Reach Out
It’s not a one company does all.

Come to America
Bring your innovation, we’ll help with your distribution.
We’re not big, we’re experienced with wisdom.

USA Office: Minneapolis MN

Want to connect?
[email protected]